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Auditorium chair used in the place such as cinema, hall, lecture hall, in a meeting and show should have a good view of the seat should facilitate maintenance and cleaning, use should be comfortable, make the person is not easy to fatigue.
The auditorium chairs, most by the chair seat, chair, armrest and stand feet four parts. Usually stand feet and armrest is a solid handrail rack installation. Structure is commonly gangmu structure or steel model structure.
In most cases take the form of upholstered sofa, personnel evacuation 'clock when more convenient for using reversible cushion structure. The number of seats seats should be considered and local lighting facilities, in the dark to facilitate users to identify and find seats.
According to the use and design needs, the scene of the auditorium seats need to place the files and writing board for record, special hall also require consideration and simultaneous translation equipment and voting, speak equipment combining; Part of the theatre or synagogue also requires seats and match the air conditioning system.
礼堂椅 - 分类
Classification of the auditorium chair -
分类: 礼堂椅按材质可分为四类:塑料礼堂椅、木礼堂椅、布艺礼堂椅、不锈钢礼堂椅。
Classification: the auditorium chair according to the material can be divided into four categories: plastic auditorium chairs, wooden auditorium chairs, cloth art auditorium chairs, stainless steel auditorium chairs.
Select the auditorium chair we should pay attention to the following aspects:
1, the surface material should be thick and durable, and can't afford to friction ball, jump line. Sofa fabrics can be divided into domestic and imported, Europe and the United States dedicated professional manufacturer produces, chair fabrics are of good quality, color, high color fastness, fabric without skew, especially some high-grade fabrics in order to improve the anti-fouling ability, also has carried on the special surface treatment. Imports of high-grade fabrics also antistatic, flame retardant, and other functions
The structure of 2, auditorium chair plays a decisive role. The auditorium chair frame structure, the structure of solid Angle and design the reasonable will directly affect the quality of the chair and use function, so choose the auditorium chair first depends on whether the overall structure and firm, whether there is loose, whether accord with human body engineering in design.
3, internal filling, and it is very important to whether all cloth clingy, smooth, crisp, two armrest and seat, back attaches more carefully check whether gathers. When the choose and buy can feel whether it is smooth, sitting in a chair Angle is reasonable, whether with comfort. The quality of the elastic material affects the sofa is comfortable and service life. Therefore, elastic material that strong pressure resistance, good elasticity, high density, except try sit feeling when people choose and buy, can be introduced for the related instructions to the enterprise, in order to ensure product quality.
The seven points of auditorium chair of choose and buy
1, the best posture is known, the center of three 90 ° a principle, namely the thigh calf maintain 90 ° to 100 ° Angle, upper body and legs to keep 90 ° to 100 ° Angle of upper arm and forearm while working to keep the Angle of 90 ° to 100 °.
2, cushion, cushion good cost is higher, generally auditorium chairs are cushions, so many businesses are basically on the seat, good seat is generally thick, and with the concave curve, have very good feeling, now the market popular mesh desks and chairs is a good choice, sit feels comfortable and good for heat dissipation.
3, back of a chair, auditorium chair back of a chair of be particular about the comfortable feeling and security, part chair is very loose, slightly shaking can produce noise, this chair is not only easy to damage, also pose a safety hazard. And the height of the back of a chair, a great market now is can regulate the function of the backrest height, make a chair, flexible, no can do, is a good desks and chair function is very important.
4, lift, know when buy steering rod pressure rod material, as well as better, as early as in use process if it lift is blocked, it may pose a safety hazard, need to contact businesses, further solve the problem.
5, the stability of the territory, the choice of materials is very important, good product usually stainless steel or aluminum alloy material, and the poor is using common engineering plastics.
6, on the choice of the auditorium chair foot again, four claws of the chair feet because of the land area is small, so the stability is poorer, five claws of the area is much larger than four claws, ensures the stability of the chair, six claw the safest, its drawback is that at the foot of activity is not convenient, easy to often hit the feet, so almost all the chairs on the market are five claw type.
7, specification is good teacher: when buying should check whether there is any instruction for use on products, after the purchase should be in strict accordance with the product manual for use and maintenance, to ensure the safety in the process of use.
为了赢得顾客对产品质量和 为了赢得顾客对产品质量和价值的信任,有些礼堂椅品牌打出了保质十年、二十年,甚至终身保质的旗号。企业打出这样的旗号,能做的到吗?答案是做不到。可能这些打出终身保质,其实是在一定条件的基础下的。比如是在你纯属质量问题的情况下,但是礼堂椅并不是拿回去就用了,它是有铺装过程的,很多使用不当,铺装出问题,甚至保养后出现问题,这时候商家就不给你保修了,肯定要出钱了。消费者不乐意,但商家说,我保的是质量问题。所以这其实就是虚假广告,实际上并没有保障。对此,消费者必须擦亮眼睛,避免上当受骗。
In order to win customers and the quality of product in order to win the trust of customers and the quality of product value, some auditorium chair brand with quality for ten years, twenty years, and even the standard of life quality. Businesses can hit this banner, to do? The answer is to do. May these type life quality, it is on the basis of certain conditions. Such as in the case of you is the quality problem, but the auditorium chair is not back in, it is surfacing process, a lot of improper use, the shop is a problem, even after the maintenance problems, merchants will not give you the warranty at this time, must be paid. Consumers don't like, but the businessman said, "I confirmed the quality problems. So this is false advertising, in fact, and there is no guarantee. To this, the consumer must polish eyes, avoid being deceived.